RealTime Tracking
  Software & technology
One shipment no. per line
Online Packet Tracking
Every courier request processed by Us is monitored very closely by our dispatch personnel and communicated to our internal staff ensuring that we meet all time sensitive obligations.
Confirmation for every delivery is electronically retrieved for your records through the use of customized communications technology, which enables us to provide “Real-Time Tracking”.
Once all pertinent tracking information has been obtained it is instantaneously posted to our Web page for easy accessibility .
From our Web page you are now able to track all of your courier packages worldwide with the click of a mouse.
Software & technology
We have complete application processes for real time data processing. Beginning with the customer's initial call, the software manages data for dispatch, queries, reports, accounts receivable and general ledger.

Amrit Seair Express Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1996 as a Multi Model operater, has its own Bill of lading MTD Multi Transport Document

It is an IATA approved company, and functions as a consolidator for major airlines. .
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