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Chargable Weight
Volumetric Weight can be calculated as follows.

Measure your package (L x W x H).
  • Multiply the three dimensions and if in Centimetres divide by 5000 = Volume Weight in kilo
    If in Inches divide by 366 = Volume Weight in kilo Example: Your package weight is 30 kilo
    Dimensions are 60 x 60 x 90 cm
    Divide by 5000
    Volume Weight = 64.8 kilo
  • Therefore chargeable weight is 65 kilo instead of 30 kilo.
  • ie; Chargable weight is the higher of the Actual weight or the Volumetric weight.
Customs Tips
   We have based the following guidelines on the majority of worldwide customs regulations, but these can vary depending on the country and can also change without notice. So if you think there may be a special customs clearance requirement for the country you're sending your shipment to please tell our local Customer Service department and we will provide suitable advice. And, of course, if anything else is unclear please call us - we're waiting to help!

When you're preparing your commercial invoice please include the following information:
  • Sender's name and address.
  • Head the document with the word 'Invoice' ('Performa Invoices' are not acceptable).
  • Name and address of the importer. (Please note the receiver may be a different person or company to the importer.)
  • Date of invoice.
  • Invoice number.
  • Quantity of each line of goods supplied.
Full description of each line of goods supplied (catalogue numbers or part numbers will not suffice. The Customs Authorities want to know what each item actually is so please carefully describe the goods).

The total value of goods covered by the invoice and this must at least be the intrinsic value of the shipment. Never use the terms 'value for customs purposes only' or 'customs invoice'. Make sure you make it clear what currency you're using when you give the value of the goods.

Specify the country of origin (i.e. where the goods were manufactured) of each line of goods sent.

Give gross and net weights of the goods covered by the invoice, together with the number of items consigned for carriage. Your packaging material used to protect the goods in transit will make up the difference between the gross and net weights.

Include the following statement: "We certify that this invoice shows the full value of the goods and that a further invoice will not be issued".

Please include a commercial invoice, which has been translated into English and this will save time clearing your goods through customs.


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